Unisex Classic Panama Hat in White, Beige, Black, Electric Blue, Violet Blue, Yellow, Fuchsia, Green Olive, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red, Natural and Navy

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Get Victoria's favorite hats - as seen in many videos. Be part of the beautiful hat crew! 


This classic fedora was made with white toquilla straws complemented with a black band to contrast its finish. A handmade white Panama Hat using only the best quality toquilla straw fibers. Adds an extra touch of cool and sophistication to your wardrobe.

This fine accessory can be a great companion when traveling, vacationing, beach walking, dining under the sun or the moon; or any other special activity you enjoy with an elegant handmade hat on.

With approximately 80 grams of weight and carefully selected toquilla palm fronds, this flexible and lightweight Panama Hat will keep you looking great comfortably. Regardless of the occasion, it will certainly take your outfit to the next level.


  • BRIM LENGTH: 5.75 cm – 6.35 cm (2.25″ – 2.50″)
  • CROWN HEIGHT: 11 – 11.75 cm (4.3″ – 4.6″)
  • HAT BODY MATERIAL: 100% Toquilla Straw-Carludovica Palmata
  • PROCESS: 100% Hand-made
  • ORIGIN: Ecuador
  • WEAVE COUNT: 90 points per square inch

About our hats

Our Panama Hats are handmade by our talented artisans from our hometown in Ecuador only using natural fibers and materials. This unique attribute will make your hat slightly different from each other; in shape and color. These seamless variations, however, underline the originality of your hat.

Our team is a group of dedicated workers who are proud to know that their vision and designs influence hat fashion around the world. We are committed to social responsibility toward the workers and the environment.

Our quality

Our Panama Hats have been in the market since 1984. With thousands of satisfied customers wearing them, we are confident that we can deliver you the best quality of these handmade hats for men and women. Zing Life and its partners are characterized by the highest quality in products and excellence in customer service standards.

How to buy the right size

1) Use a measuring tape or a string. Record the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead and going around your head. Do this approximately 1 cm above your ears and up to the center of your forehead to meet the starting point.

2) Use this measurement and compare it to our size guide.

Panama hat care

Panama Hats are a work of art made by the hands of a talented artisan that put much time and effort into making it beautiful and unique. In brief, these hats are made with natural fibers of a palm and you could potentially damage the thin straws if mishandled through time. To have your Panama Hat looking its best longer, here are some tips you can follow.

Our promise

We stand behind the quality of our product. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or the hat does not fit correctly, we will be happy to accept the return of your unused purchase for an exchange or a full refund.

The item must be in unused condition to qualify for an exchange or a full refund.